The order issued yesterday regarding horses shipping in from Hawthorne Racecourse is hereby rescinded. The affected horse at Hawthorne has been confirmed to be positive for the neurological strain of Equine Herpes Virus.

Horses from Hawthorne will be allowed to enter Louisiana racetracks as long as they have a current health certificate and equine herpes vaccination records. A packet of information regarding precautions will be made available to trainers as they ship in from Hawthorne.

Trainers of horses shipping in from Hawthorne must:

1)     For a period of 28 days, take temperatures twice daily;

2)     Train horses after normal training hours of the general horse population;

3)     Take sanitary precautions with equipment to prevent any potential contact between horses until the expiration with no recorded fever for 28 days.

Upon completion of the 28 day period with no recorded events of fever, Hawthorne horses will be allowed to train with the general population of horses. Should a horse become ill during this time, the attending veterinarian is to contact the Equine Medical Director immediately.

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