The Gentilly Office is still closed due to the Hurricane. It will re-open when conditions permit.

For Workers Comp, the Louisiana Downs Field 
Office (318-746-1149) will be open Tuesday 
through Sunday 8AM to 4PM.  If you have an 
emergency, call Mike Fenasci at 504-214-6873 or 
Tammy Broussard at 337-356-3025.

For Bookkeeper, the Evangeline Bookkeeper 
(337-594-3123) will be open Tuesday August 28th
from 8AM to 4PM.  The Louisiana Downs 
Bookkeeper (318-742-3986) will be open on 
Wednesday August 29th from 8AM to 4PM.  If you 
have an emergency, call Ed Fenasci at 504-812-
8771 or Bobbie Laviolette at 504-329-7871.