Update on House Bill 1223

Louisiana HBPA Members:

Today was a very good day for the Louisiana Horse racing industry. In Baton Rouge, Representative Pat Connick's bill HB 1223 cleared its first challenge in the House Criminal Justice committee. I would like to thank all our members who took the time to contact the members of the committee, letting them know how important this legislation is to the entire horse racing industry in Louisiana. When track operators do a poor job of maintaining their facility’s and do not promote horse racing, it not only effects those racing, but also other support business' such as Breeders, Vets, Blacksmiths, and Feed store operators. We will continue to work hard for the Louisiana Horsemen and keep you updated on the progress of this bill and any other bills effecting the Louisiana horse racing industry. We may need to call on you again for your support but for now, thank you.

Stanley Seelig 
President, Louisiana HBPA


Important Links for House Bill 1223 

House Bill 1223 can be viewed at the following link: 

Video of the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee meeting discussing House Bill 1223 can be viewed at the following link (Discussion of this bill begins at 10:35 mark)

(For Windows users the video should play in Windows Media Player)