Many thanks to all those who have helped promote Horsemen’s interests during the current legislative session.  The State Legislature has taken the following actions:
House Bill 493 was involuntarily deferred.  House Bill 714, a companion to 493, was withdrawn.  These bills would have redirected purse funds, Medical Benefit funds, Pension funds, and Worker’s Compensation funds to other entities.
House Bill 550 was withdrawn.  This bill would have reduced purse supplements and race dates at Louisiana Downs.
House Bill 1223 was withdrawn when Churchill Downs promised to make repairs to the turf course and backside, and improvements to customer service and marketing.
House Bill 1230 was passed unanimously out of Senate committee and moves to the senate for a vote.  This bill perfects a security interest for the horsemen in funds earned for purses but not yet awarded.
Senate Bill 53 passed out of the House committee unanimously and moves to the House for a vote.  This bill increases the powers and authority of the LSRC in its oversight of the race tracks.