HBPA Election Notice

Nominations for the March 28, 2017 Election for Board Members and President/Chairman of the HBPA. 

The Nomination must be received by the deadline date of December 5, 2016. 

Here is how to Nominate a Candidate for Election to the Board of Directors and for President/Chairman: 

All nominations must be written, be signed, clearly identify the person or persons making the nomination, be unambiguous (clear) as to the Member or Members being nominated and must be received by MK Election Services at the address below not later than the deadline date of December 5, 2016 for nominations in order for a nomination to be valid. 

A candidate may be nominated to run for and may only serve in one elected office. 

You must send or deliver the nominations to MK Election Services and, since getting your nominations to them is your responsibility, you may wish to send them by more than one method.  Their contact information for mailing and e-mailing is as follows: 

Mailing Address is: 
LA HBPA Election
c/o MK Election Services
PO Box 8852
New Haven, CT 06532

E-Mail Address is: caleb@mkelectionservices.com

Please help us have a good Election.  Please make sure the LA HBPA Office has your correct mailing address as there will be no second ballots handed out.

Click here for a nomination form