New Worker's Comp Forms Online

The latest revisions of the Worker's Comp applications and supporting documents are now online.

Worker's Comp 2009-10 Application

Worker's Comp 2009-10 Protocol Book

Worker's Comp 2009-10 Renewal Only Application

Worker's Comp Participation and Explanation and Disclosures

2nd Injury and Substance Abuse Policy (English)

2nd Injury and Substance Abuse Policy (Spanish)

Most of these documents are also available on all pages of the website on the right hand side under the Important Downloads header. You can also find these downloads and more under the Resources/Downloads section of the website.

Worker’s Comp Insurance Renewal Information

Downloadable Flyer of this information, click here.

Due to delays caused by the consideration of a recently received proposal, a grace period for completing your Renewal Application will be extended until July 31, 2009 only if;

  • Your 2008-09 account is in good standing
  • Your Employee files are current
  • You are in good standing with your field representative.

Worker’s Comp. Insurance Information

Downloadable Flyer of this information, click here.

Individuals who hold either an Owner or Trainer license or a dual license with Owner or Trainer/Exercise Rider or Groom etc. YOU ARE NOT eligible for coverage under our Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

We Do Have Affordable Accidental Insurance Alternatives for you! Ask about our accidental policy for just $28.20 per month.

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